The Bill: About the Show

Get the lowdown on the long-running crime drama set in east London.

Todd Carty in The Bill


The Bill is set in the fictional East London borough of Sun Hill, not a million (fictional) miles away from Walford, home of the EastEnders.


The indefatigable June Ackland (played by Trudie Goodwin) was the show's longest serving character. The Bill's halcyon days included the likes of Frank Burnside (Christopher Ellison) and Ted Roach (the brilliantly craggy Tony Scannell).

Later cast members included well known faces such as Todd Carty, the beleaguered Mark Fowler in EastEnders, long-termer Mark Wingett, Quadrophenia's Dave and Bernie Nolan of the Nolan Sisters' fame.

Live Episode

To mark The Bill's 20th year of filming, the producers decided to break the mould and test the actors to their limits by broadcasting a unique one-off live episode. All eyes were on the capable cast for fluffed lines and tripping on camera cables!

The Bill in Austrailia

The Bill has been embraced by the people of Australia like no other UK show. Its realistic portrayal of the seedier side of London's sink estates, back streets and assorted villains has struck such a chord with folk down under that when Graham Cole arrived in Melbourne on holiday once, he was mobbed in the street by excited fans.

The inclusion of Neighbours star Daniel MacPherson in The Bill's cast didn't do the programme's popularity any harm either.