Q&A Juliet

Interview with Juliet - Call Centre Employee

Why did you apply for a job in the call centre?

I'm a student but I have to work part-time to support myself through my studies. In the past, I've worked at the Hard Rock Cafe, and at the Park Hotel. But I wanted to do something different this year. I chose the call centre sector because I want to develop myself, and I thought it would be a good platform. I thought it would be interesting for any future career, to learn about different cultures, and good professionalism. And I did!

What sort of tests did you have to do to get the job?

Nev put us through our paces. We had to do an 'open book test', which is designed to test your understanding rather than just learning facts. Then we had a listening test, and finally we had to make a mock phone call with Nev. It reminded me of high school life! I enjoyed going through all the training material and engaging myself in the study.

What did you think of Nev?

He is too good! He's a flawless boss. Nev has a very strong knowledge in both conceptual and practical aspects of the business. And he built a cordial relationship with us, which went far beyond monetary matters. Working for Nev has been a truly interesting experience.

What did you think of the others in the team?

Dwayne was quite serious, and Johnny was always hyper - total opposites! Hayley was always very funny and jolly.

What did you think of Hayley's tea?

I didn't have Hayley's tea because she knows what I like and dislike. But I can say that she probably knows better than me when it comes to making a good cup of tea... she's Hayley the tea lady!

What was your overall experience like working in the call centre?

It was superb. Money Saving Champions proved a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere for all of us, but especially for me. It was the safest and friendliest office I have ever known.