Q&A Uday

Interview with Uday - Call Centre Employee

Why did you apply for a job in the call centre?

At that time I was looking for a change from my industry, and specifically in a call centre. I thought it would be a great platform and that's certainly how it was in the beginning. I must say, the money was good though - not a single industry was offering the package that we got from Nev.

What's your previous employment history?

I was a guest service associate before, and I've worked as a bartender.

What sort of tests did you have to do to get the job?

A written test and a test where we had to make a mock phone call.  I studied for those tests a lot. I didn't pass the mock phone call first time, but after I failed, me and Sandeep used to do a lot of practice. I studied a lot, I revised more than three times every day at midnight after my shift. I really learned a lot in those days.

Did Nev make you sing at your interview?

He does try to make you sing, but I didn't sing because I was feeling too nervous!  

What did you think of Nev?

There's no doubt that he is a good businessman, but he is also a good human being.  He always asked us if we are very comfortable or not, about the food quality, and there was even a taxi facility for staff. He is not mad, he just behaves a bit mad!  Sometimes he behaves like that to make us laugh.  But he is a good human being really.  You know what, I could even write an essay on Nev.  He has a great personality.  

What about the others - Hayley, Dwayne and Johnny?

Hayley is a good lady, she has a good nature. She missed her country a lot - but she also travelled to a few cities in India and really liked those places. Johnny is a good teacher - he taught us a lot of things about the process, which is how I became aware that's how you survive over there in the UK. And he is a big football fan also! Dwayne is a dude, he always has a great smile on his face. I still remember he always came and told us that we are doing well. Those guys always say that happy people sell - so always live happy!

What did you think of Hayley's tea?

She was very hospitable and always asked us, "Do you want tea or coffee?", and had her own tea trolley after a while. When she first arrived, she missed two things a lot in India - first, what everyone misses, her mother. And second - her tea trolley! She was so pleased when they got her one.  

What did they teach you about Welsh and British culture? Did you know much beforehand?

I really had no idea about your culture beforehand but yes, I now know a lot about how you live over there.  You don't say "Sir" or "Madam" to your seniors, and you love football a lot.

What did you teach them about Indian culture?

I told them how we give respect to our elders, I told them about our tradition and culture. There is a huge difference in ours and your culture.  We celebrated Diwali together. On that day they dressed up, just like we do, and they looked great. They also gave us presents on Diwali. Unforgettable days.   

What was it like, working in the call centre - did you enjoy it?

Working in a call centre is a great experience and I enjoyed that a lot. It's not so difficult - it's just that we make things difficult!  That's what I learnt from you guys!  

Overall, did you enjoy your experience?

Yes I enjoyed it a lot. The guys arranged a cake and party on my birthday - at my old place we never got to celebrate like that.  I will never forget that birthday.  And Johnny picked me up in his arms when I passed the mock call test! Those were the best and special moments that I will never forget.