About The Davina Hour

In this all-new intimate talk show, Davina McCall examines subjects that we all worry about and attempts to find ways to improve them. Each week, Davina leads a thought-provoking exploration of a different contemporary issue, sparked by real people’s experiences and viewpoints.

The Davina Hour

Seeking help and advice from the very best brains on the planet - including world-leading thinkers who are famed for their TED talks - Davina will go on a genuine journey of self-discovery. From parenting and body image to careers, happiness and relationships, each week Davina will welcome guests who are struggling with a particular dilemma or emotional problem in their lives, setting the theme for the episode.

Over the unfolding hour, Davina will guide the conversation, encouraging each contributor to tell their own story and introduce them to her group of experts who will give their own unique perspective.

Expect powerful and intelligent conversations and inspired new ways of thinking in our brand new UKTV Original show.