About The Dressing Room

Every week all over Britain, thousands of ordinary people come together for the love of the game. When the individual gives way to the team, in these dressing rooms friendships are forged, secrets are shared, passions are stirred and battles are lost and won.

The Dressing Room

This brand-new UKTV Original explores life behind the closed doors of amateur sporting teams across the country; looking at their personal and sporting highs and lows it is a place where everyone knows each other's business, where the team - the collective - pulls together if and when someone needs help or advice they get it. It's about people, friends and one of the world's greatest common bonds - sport - all told through the perspective of The Dressing Room.

The show eavesdrops on a wide variety of sporting teams around the UK - from Sussex amateur football team Three Bridges and wheelchair basketball side Newcastle Eagles to gay-friendly rugby union team Manchester Village Spartans and roller derby team London Rockin' Rollers. The sporting action may take place outside, but it's in the dressing room where the team pulls together when someone needs help or advice, whether it's relationship problems, family news or last night's gossip.