About Barry & Stuart

Barry and Stuart

Originally from Aberdeenshire in Scotland, Barry Jones and Stuart MacLeod met in 1994 and are both previous winners of Scotland's 'Young Magician of the Year' competition.

As teenagers, the duo began making videos of themselves performing magic. This led to their TV debut in the series 'Magick', which was nominated for Best Comedy Series at the international Television Awards in Montreux.

They have since made a string of TV series and appeared at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where, in 2011, they broke the magician's code and exposed their secrets with, 'Show and Tell'. All saw sell-out audiences, five-star reviews and critical acclaim.

In 2009, they won the title of 'Best Comedy Illusionists' at the World Magic Awards ceremony in Los Angeles and in 2011 they starred in the Saturday night show 'The Magicians'.

Now the BAFTA nominated magicians are making residents of unsuspecting towns believe the unbelievable in The Happenings.