About The Incredible Mr. Goodwin

Watch continues to push the boundaries of TV in this brand new and exclusive show that will leave your mind reeling and your jaw hitting the floor.

Jonathan Goodwin

'Impossible' is merely a challenge for Jonathan Goodwin, a man who combines the skills of Houdini and Superman with the everyday trials of fatherhood and family life.

He is the new breed of escapologist and professional danger-man, putting himself in the most extreme situations and dodging death every time.

Now this amazing series will leave viewers breathless as Goodwin emulates his childhood heroes, the great American sideshow acts and comic-book characters, taking his unique brand of entertainment onto the streets of Britain and the US.

He'll attempt to pull off spectacular feats of out-of-this-world bravery, agility and physical strength. He'll scale a high rise building to the amazement of the window cleaner, climb over the roof of a car at speed and trigger a bear trap without losing an arm.

But the viewers will get to know him even better, witnessing the extraordinary processes Goodwin goes through behind the scenes as he trains intensively for his performances, many of which have never been attempted before.