Who is Jonathan Goodwin?

Find out why he does what he does and who has inspired him.

Jonathan Gooodwin

Bald, British, husband, Dad, pistachio lover, risk taker, daredevil and stunt artist.

Born in Pembrokeshire, Wales in 1980, 'impossible' is merely a challenge for Jonathan Goodwin, a man who combines the skills of Houdini and Superman with the everyday trials of fatherhood and family life. His Facebook page lists his occupation as 'daredevil?.

I don't think I?m remarkably talented

Jonathan's career path took an unusual turn after reading a book on Harry Houdini at the age of 7. From then on he was always picking locks and tying himself up and to this day Jonathan is massively influenced by legendary daredevils such as Houdini and the stunt performer Yakima Canutt.

Over the years the thirty-two year old has put himself in the most extreme situations and dodged death each time. He compares being in these situations with standing on a train platform, you take a step in one direction and you are in front of the train, go the other way and you remain safely on the platform. He acknowledges that there is fine line between safety and danger but ultimately it's his own choice which way he goes.

Hardly a day goes by when I?m not in pain

Jonathan is a family man and although he wouldn't have a huge problem with his daughter following in his footsteps his own parents wish he would get a proper job.

Jonathan has been attacked by sharks, burned at the stake, buried alive (several times), bitten by rattlesnakes, hung from buildings, helicopters and cable cars, eaten lighbulbs and inhaled needles.

Introducing the Incredible Mr. Goodwin

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