Adam Rasburn

Adam Rasburn

About Adam

Age: 27

Works at: The Design House Restaurant, Halifax

Position: Sous Chef

Food Obsession

Adam's life is saturated with food and everything related. He has a massive library of cooking books, ranging from the Roux's sauces to in-depth Harvard lectures on the science of food. The walls in his home are lined with signed menus that he has kept from trips around the UK (and the world) with his wife.

Home Grown

He and his wife planted their own garden to allow them to grow unusual vegetables and herbs to cook ? only things that you can eat are allowed in the garden! His wife Charlotte shares his love for food and is training as a sommelier as the pair aim to open their own restaurant together in the future.


Adam had always been interested in cooking, but pursued a degree in something else. He has a BSc in Psychology, but decided to make a go at becoming a chef after university. Getting this far in the competition already has assured Adam that he has made the right choice and is moving in the right direction. He wants to win it to prove this to his family, friends, wife and himself!

The Semi-Final Dish

Stone bass, broccoli and almonds, melting new potatoes, crispy miso squid, brown butter vadovan sauce.