Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith

About Andrew

Age: 26

Works at: The Tunbridge Wells Hotel, Kent

Position: Head Chef

Late Starter

Andrew started late to the world of cooking, confessing he could not make cheese on toast until the age of 18.

Roux History

He has entered The Roux Scholarship once before and feels he was let down by a bad case of the flu.

Cookery Books

Andrew has a wide range of cookery books throughout his home and his fiancé jokes that she is only allowed one shelf whilst he takes up the entire flat.


In his spare time Andrew is training to become a pilot and can already fly a four seated aircraft solo.


Andrew helped with the opening of the Tunbridge Wells Hotel in November of 2012 after being approached by the owner, Julian Leefe Griffith. Since then Andrew has been implementing new systems to improve the running of the kitchen.

The Semi Final Dish

Pan fried stone bass, lobster stuffed squid with brazed fennel and saffron poached potatoes.