Arbinder Dugal

Arbinder Dugal

About Arbinder

Age: 29

Works at: Le Pont De La Tour, London

Position: Senior Chef de Partie

Roux History

This is Arbinder's 4th year entering the Roux Scholarship and at 29 years old it will be his last. In 2012 he made it through to the finals and believes that this year he has the experience and skills to go the whole way.

Indian Cuisine Meets Classical French

His background is in traditional Indian cuisine, having learnt initially from his Mum in Punjab and then completing a degree in culinary arts in Mumbai, but since arriving in the UK he has taken the hard route, working up through gastro pubs to the pinnacle of fine dining. He believes this classical French training complements his Asian cooking knowledge and gives him an edge.

Personal Life

His wife Ravneet is his rock. Last year they got married days before the finals, so Arbinder hopped on a plane back to the UK, completed the finals, attended the presentation ceremony and then took a taxi straight to Heathrow to fly back out to his new bride!

This year they are expecting their first child, a little girl, and Ravneet says, "I could be cheering for him from the delivery room!?.

The Semi Final Dish

Steamed stone bass in banana leaf with braised squid, the braised squid cooked in turmeric and coconut milk sauce, deep fried squid tentacles and a terrine of spinach and new potatoes.