Jing Wang

Jing Wang

About Jing

Age: 27

Works at: Restaurant Alimentum (1 Michelin Star), Cambridge

Position: Chef de Partie

The New Chef

Jing has only been cooking professionally for 18 months. She got through to the semi-finals of The Roux Scholarship last year after only 6 months working in a professional kitchen.

She knocked on the doors of many chain restaurants before Head Chef Ed Barker took her under his wing at The Plough. He admired her obvious passion and sheer determination to learn everything she can in the kitchen.


Jing has a BA in Economics and two separate Masters degrees in Social Anthropology. But, having been interested in cooking from a young age, she decided to make the leap from student to chef at the age of 26.


Jing works in a male dominated world, but describes herself as calm in the kitchen and doesn't like drama. Her current Head Chef Mark Poynton runs a monthly creative recipe competition and says Jing always comes up with the most creative ideas, despite her having less professional training than the other chefs.

Home Life

Her fiancée Pete has supported her all the way and helped drive her copious amounts of cooking equipment up to the semis in Birmingham. Last Christmas and Valentine's day he worked as a kitchen porter, washing dishes at Jing's restaurant, just to be able to spend the day with her!

The Semi Final Dish

Pan roasted stone bass, stuffed squid, porte rosette, chargrilled onions and pickled onions.