Kimberly Brown

Kimberly Brown

About Kimberly

Age: 29

Works at: Colours Restaurant, St. Helens

Position: Student Chef

Career Change

Up until recently, Kimberly was actually an archaeologist in Gibraltar, but decided to give up her career to follow her true passion of food. After moving to England in 2011, she began studying food production and cooking and is currently doing her Level 3 diploma in Advanced Professional Cookery (City & Guild).

Although she is the least experienced chef in the semi-finals, she feels prepared the Mystery Box because it resembles classes she has taken at the college.

Home Life

Kimberly is described by her friends and housemates as a ?feeder? because she is forever making food for them. She loves getting home, looking in the fridge and figuring out something to make. Most of the dishes she cooks are from recipe books and colleagues. She also watches lots of cookery programmes on TV.

Local Food

While living in Gibraltar, Kimberly spent a lot of her time crossing the border into Spain to visit markets for local produce to cook and experiment with. This has given her food a very Spanish feel to it. Since moving to England she still visits markets to find good local produce, often chatting to the people behind the stalls for advice on what to buy.

The Semi Final Dish

Stone bass, seafood stuffed calamari and butter fondant potatoes, with spinach three ways and a shellfish sauce.