Oliver Farrar

Oliver Farrar

About Oliver

Age: 26

Works at: The Savoy Grill, London

Position: Sous Chef

Starting Out

At the age of 15, Ollie was asked to find a two week placement as part of the school curriculum, he chose to work in the kitchen of a Hilton Hotel. This was the first time he decided he wanted to be a chef and he went on to take Home Economics classes at GCSE. From there he moved to a full kitchen where he learnt knife skills and grew to love the buzz of the kitchen.


Oli describes being in the kitchen as a thrill which gets his adrenalin pumping throughout his shifts at the Savoy. He keeps this going on his days off by sky-diving, saying: ?I have to jump out of a plane to get my day going!?. He has now moved up to a level allowing him to jump solo from a strip in Oxfordshire.

Return to the Scholarship

This is Oliver's third time in the scholarship, having been knocked out of the semi-finals in the previous two years, so he's hoping this year will be third time lucky.

The Semi-Final Dish

Pan seared stone bass with squid and egg ragu and with a broccoli purée and fish fillet.