Paul O’Neill

Paul O?Neill

About Paul

Age: 27

Works at: Ashdown Park Hotel, Forest Row

Position: Senior Sous Chef

Career Progression

Paul is a very determined cook and has worked extremely hard in each job for a year and then been promoted, which is why he became a senior sous chef at just 22 years old.

Kitchen Joker

He is well-known for his sense of humour and love of banter. During service he is always cracking jokes and having a good time, but always maintains his authority and keeps the kitchen under control.

Cooking Style

When it comes to cooking meat, Paul prefers to use all of the animal so that nothing goes to waste. This also requires much greater skill to cook, for example, a blade or shin of beef requires more technique than a fillet.

The Semi Final Dish

Filet of stone bass with a bouillabaisse broth and aioli with a fish finger.