Shane Cook

Shane Cook

About Shane

Age: 28

Works at: KPMG, London

Position: Head Chef ? Fine Dining

This is Shane's first time into the Roux Scholarship because he never thought he was worthy of the competition as a contract caterer. As it was his last chance to take part he thought he'd give it a go, but never expected to be presenting food to the Roux Family.


Shane's big goal in life is to gain a Michelin Star for his dream restaurant on a farm in Cornwall.

Practice Makes Perfect

Shane has put everything into the Roux Scholarship, since the moment he knew he was through to the finals he practised his dish almost daily spending a small fortune on produce. He even managed to enter the dish on the KPMG menu for January so he could practise. Shane is also an avid photographer and loves to create new dishes just to photograph for his twitter reel.

Captaining the Ship

As well as managing the main kitchen where he is Head Chef, he also manages three others in the building, so he's a busy man.

The Semi Final Dish

Fennel salted pan fried stone bass, pan fried squid with crispy squid tentacles, with a fennel puree, confits of fennel and orange beurre blanc.