Tom Barnes

Tom Barnes

About Tom

Age: 24

Works at: L?Enclume Restaurant (2 Michelin Star), Cumbria

Position: Junior Sous Chef


Tom came 2nd in the 2011 Young Chef of the Year Awards. At just 24, he is the Junior Sous Chef at L?Enclume which has 2 Michelin stars and achieved 10/10 in the good food guide. He says winning this competition would mean everything to him.

Scholarly Advice

This is Tom's first year entering the competition, but he has some Roux Scholars to discuss his dish with. He has worked with Head Chef Mark Birchall (2011 Scholar) for two years and also Dan Cox (2008 Scholar), who is a talented chef and looks after the farm and growing programme at L?Enclume. They have both given him some good insight into the competition and what to expect.

The Semi Final Dish

Butter poached stone bass with a caramelized celeriac puree, pan-fried quid, potatoes cooked in chicken fat, crispy chicken squid and leeks and ramsens.