About Traffic Cops

Narrated by Jamie Theakston, this fly-on-the-wall documentary series reveals the everyday challanges faced by our Traffic Cops.

Traffic Cops

Series 11

The action starts in Bedfordshire, where traffic cops armed with 50,000-volt tasers are called in to make a difficult arrest; a lone traffic cop is set upon by a gang of youths in Luton town centre; and a desperate teenager leads cops on a hair-raising pursuit in a stolen car.

In the following episode, we'll see the traffic cops introduce a new 'points-for-pulls' system to help crackdown on motorists who routinely break the Highway Code. Drivers who use mobile phones, don't wear seat belts or have illegal number plates are all on their hit list.

The reason for the crackdown is brought sharply into focus when a girl is seriously injured in a three-car pile-up, the disastrous consequence of a woman driving while using her phone.

In other episodes, we'll see cops find illegal drugs in the car of a motorist taking his kids to school, disarm a gang member by red-dotting him with the laser light from a Taser, deal with an horrific crash on the M1 and search for a teenager who has evaded capture by jumping into a canal.