Episode 2: Crows
Natural Curiosities: Episode 2 Crows

Sir David puts a raven's memory skills to the test. Can he outwit him?

Episode 1: Cheetahs
Natural Curiosities: Episode 1 Cheetahs

Where did the legend of the cheetah's speed first come from? Sir David reveals all.

Episode 1: Fleas
Natural Curiosities: Episode 1 Fleas

How strong is a flea? Sir David Attenborough looks to a flea circus for the answer.

Episode 8 Clip
Resurrection: Episode 8 Clip

Agent Bellamy quickly discovers that gathering the returned in the school gym is a trap.

Resurrection: Episode 7 Clip
Resurrection: Episode 7 Clip

A frustrated Jacob throws a tantrum after his parents stop him from playing outside.

The Strain: Finale Clip
The Strain: Finale Clip

Prepare for an all-out assault as season one reaches its dramatic climax.

Tea Time
Choccy Starstruck: Tea Time

Christine brews up an elixir of teas to tickle the tastebuds, but will it taste any good?

Ana Matronic
Choccy Starstruck: Ana Matronic

See what happened when the Scissor Sister met Christine to set her bewitching challenge.

Choccy Starstruck: Bear Necessities
Choccy Starstruck: Bear Necessities

Christine jokes the team have ruined her life after checking on the bear cakes' progress.

Bill Bailey
Choccy Starstruck: Bill Bailey

The comedian would like a twist on a teddy bear's picnic. Can the team meet the challenge?

Dave's Drama
Choccy Starstruck: Dave's Dramas

Christine isn't happy with Dave's desert cake and has some strong words to deliver.

Michael Bolton
Choccy Starstruck: Michael Bolton

Michael Bolton would like a 25th anniversary cake - that can survive in the desert.

Choccy Starstruck: Destruction

Christine isn't happy and takes destructive action on the offending cake.

Melanie C Clip
Choccy Starstruck: Melanie C

The Spice Girl tells Christine about the supersized cake she wants for her 40th birthday.

The Dog Taste Test
Choccy Starstruck: The Dog Taste Test

Will 7 out of 10 dogs prefer the cake the Choccy team have created for Joan Rivers' pets?

 Joan Rivers' Challenge
Choccy Starstruck: Joan Rivers' Challenge

The late star asks for a diet cake with only 150 calories a slice. Can the team do it?