Sessions at The Life Lab, introduced by W

This year, we have selected our very own employees within UKTV to introduce some of the sessions at The Life Lab.


Thursday 13th October, 15:45 How to make decisions with confidence by Dr Many Lehto, introduced by Zoe Clapp CMO of UKTV

With so many choices to make every day, decision overwhelm affects us all. Learn to be bold when choosing between different courses of action in this interactive workshop. With years of experience coaching top professionals, Dr Mandy Lehto will guide you through the decision-making process and show you how to trust your intuition.

Friday 14th October, 14:15 Stop saying yes: Why no is your new power word by Samantha Clarke, introduced by Zoe Clapp CMO of UKTV

Learn how to assert yourself powerfully through language in this inspiring workshop. We're all guilty of saying 'yes' all the time to seek approval, or because we don't want to disappoint, but this can be damaging to our confidence and how we're perceived. Transform the way you think about requests and learn to have the confidence to say no, with happiness and change consultant Samantha Clarke of Samantha &.

Saturday 15th October, 12:00 How to negotiate without being too British about it by Natalie Reynolds, introduced by Hilary Rosen, Commissioning Director at UKTV

Arm yourself with the essential negotiation skills that will power you through life. Whether that's asking for a pay rise, sealing a business deal or a personal win, having the confidence to negotiate for what you want in an intelligent and flexible way is vital. Globally recognised negotiation expert Natalie Reynolds, CEO of advantageSPRING and author of We Have a Deal will show you how to overcome internal resistance for asking for what you deserve.

Saturday 15th October, 14:30 Say what you think: How to be 25% more assertive by Freddie Harrel, introduced by Steve North GM of W

Being assertive is all about communicating effectively - so build your self-esteem and the confidence to express yourself. Confidence consultant and blogger Freddie Harrel of She Unleashed shares the secrets of how to make an impact, demonstrate your skills and speak your mind in this practical and fun workshop.