Season 1

Featuring Sex And The City's Sarah Jessica Parker, Friends star Lisa Kudrow, film director Spike Lee, former NFL star Emmitt Smith and actors Susan Sarandon, Matthew Broderick and Brooke Shields.

Season 1

Episode 1 - Sarah Jessica Parker: The series begins with the Sex and The City star charting her history that leads her to Northern California and Salam, Massachusetts.

Episode 2 - Emmitt Smith: The former NFL star digs into the roots of his family true, driven by a rumour that his grandmother may have had white ancestry. Emmitt travels to Alabama and Virginia resulting in a dramatic revaltion.

Episode 3 - Lisa Kudrow: The Friends star investigates her great-grandmother's heritage, and all she knows is that she died tragically in the Holocaust. Lisa travels to Belarus and unearths documents and eye-witness testimonies that reveal the true story of her great grandmother's fate.

Episode 4 - Matthew Broderick: The actor and Mr. Sarah Jessica Parker discovers a World War I medic in his family history, as well as a hero from the American Civil War. Matthew goes onto help chroniclers solve a 150-year-old history mystery.

Episode 5 - Brooke Shields: The actress travels from New Jersey to Rome and France where she unearths some family revelations. Brooke discovers an intriguing family line that includes a tragic secret, European aristocracy and royalty.

Episode 6 - Susan Sarandon: The Oscar-winning actress digs deep into her family tree and uncovers information about her enigmatic grandmother, leading to a most interesting family discovery.

Episode 7 - Spike Lee: The filmmaker Spike Lee undertakes an ancestral fact-finding mission that directs him to Georgia and Texas. Ultimately, he discovers an unforeseen connection with his great-great-grandfather and meets an unlikely relative.