Season 3

Starring the stories of actress Helen Hunt, Hollywood legend Martin Sheen, film and TV actor Rob Lowe, Sopranos star Edie Falco and actress Marisa Tomei.

Season 3

Episode 1 - Martin Sheen: The veteran actor and activist journeys to Ireland and Spain and discovers his uncle was also devoted to activism, as was another relative who had been allegedly imprisoned in Spain.

Episode 2 - Marisa Tomei: The actress explores her family roots and focuses on a possible family murder. Her quest takes her to Italy to uncover truths about the alleged slaying of her great-grandfather.

Episode 3 - Blair Underwood: The actor and director traces his lineage in a genealogical journey that includes a DNA test, uncovered articles and the unforeseen triumphs of his ancestors.

Episode 4 - Reba McEntire: The country singer focuses on her mother's family. Making a stop in North Carolina, she discovers a connection to a sad period in American history and tracks an ancestor's journey to America.

Episode 5 - Jarome Bettis: The retired NFL star goes the extra yard to investigate his family roots. He travels to Kentucky and tracks the triumph and tragedy of his great-great-grandfather's life.

Episode 6 - Helen Hunt: The Oscar winner's genealogical voyage takes her to 19th San Francisco where she uncovers the rags to riches story of her great great grandfather William Scholle, a German Jewish immigrant who arrived in California just as gold was discovered there.

Episode 7 - Rita Wilson: The actress and husband of Tom Hanks journeys to Greece and Bulgaria to trace the highs and lows of her late father's life.

Episode 8 - Edie Falco: The Sopranos star Edie Falco embarks on a genealogical journey by investigating her mother's familial history. Her destinations are New York, Milwaukee and England, as she ultimately unearths tragic events that marked her great-great-great-grandmother's life.

Episode 9 - Rob Lowe: The actor tracks clues about his ancestral past and lands in Germany and the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. Before long, he unearths an unexpected familial connection to the Revolutionary War and America's founding fathers.

Episode 10 - Rashida Jones: The star of Parks and Recreation explores her maternal family history in a genealogical journey that includes investigative trips to Manhattan and Ireland.

Episode 11 - Jason Sudeikis: The comedian, actor and Saturday Night Live star mines for information about his father's family history in an investigative study that directs him from Chicago to Pennsylvania's coal mines.

Episode 12 - Paula Deen: The celebrity chef tracks her family history and Southern roots, discovering an ancestor's political connections and a sad event related to the Civil War.