Who Do You Think You Are? USA Season 9

Smokey Robinson, Liv Tyler, Jennifer Grey and Courteney Cox embark on genealogy journeys.

Who Do You Think You Are? USA Season 9

The hit genealogy series returns to W for a brand-new, UK Premiere ninth series. Once again, a batch of Hollywood A-listers dig into their past to uncover their surprising family histories, buried secrets and unlikely associations.

Episode 1: Courteney Cox

The star of long-running sitcoms Friends and Cougar Town is first up in Season 9 and she traces her maternal line back to ambitious and ruthless relatives who murdered their way to power in medieval times, but she's also shocked by an ancestor who's one of European history's most famous characters. Along the way, she visits Gloucestershire and London to put the pieces together in her journey of discovery.

Episode 2: Julie Bowen

The actress, best known for playing Sarah Shephard in Lost and Claire Dunphy in Modern Family, makes a shocking discovery that a beloved relative led a nefarious organisation that triggered a dark chapter of U.S. history, but also uncovers another ancestor who fought for the lives and freedom of African-Americans.

Episode 3: Jennifer Grey

The star of classic 1980s movies Ferris Bueller's Day Off and Dirty Dancing, and also victor of Dancing with the Stars Series 11, discovers more about her grandfather as she uncovers how he survived adversity to become a beacon of his community. Jennifer also uncovers a great-grandmother whose devastating tragedy stopped her from making it to America.

Episode 4: Noah Wyle

The film and TV and actor, best known for his roles as Dr John Carter in ER and Tom Mason in Falling Skies investigates his maternal family line. What he discovers is an ancestor who was catapulted into one of America's biggest wars, and whose life spiralled from remarkable success to a tragic end.

Episode 5: Jessica Biel

Movie star Jessica Biel (Total Recall, The A-Team) hunts for the truth behind family lore about the death of an ancestor who fought in the American Civil War. She also makes two shocking discoveries that shake everything she knows about her heritage.

Episode 6: Smokey Robinson

Smokey Robinson, the singer, songwriter and front man for Motown legends The Miracles, tracks down a grandfather tangled in a swirl of controversy and connects to a relative's familiar struggle with oppression whilst coming face-to-face with the gruesome history he knew was inevitable.

Episode 7: John Stamos

Actor John Stamos, best known for his starring role as Jesse Katsopolis on the sitcom Full House and as Dr Tony Gate in medical drama ER, explores his Greek heritage for the first time and discovers an explosive feud that shattered his grandfather's childhood. He also hears first-hand about his family's enduring strength after meeting a relative he never knew.

Episode 8: Liv Tyler

Model and actress Liv Tyler, best known for starring in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, unravels the mystery of the maternal family line from her father Steven Tyler, Aerosmith's lead singer. Along the way, she uncovers ancestors who took part in famous American battles.