Brits Are A Bunch Of 'Blaggers' Says New Survey

Over a quarter of Brits have lied about a hidden talent to get ahead in life. Are you one of them?

Brits are 'Blaggers'

A new survey has revealed that us Brits are a bunch of 'blaggers' who have lied about hidden talents, fibbed in job interviews and told all manner of porky pies on social media.

More startling however is that apparently 30% of us have lied about a talent to win someone's affections and seven out of ten of us don't have a talent to fall back on outside our day job and are simply 'too busy' to learn. So in other words, most of us prefer to crash out on the sofa and watch TV than do anything remotely productive.

The surprising survey of 2,000 British adults was carried out to celebrate the launch of World's Most Talented, starting tonight at 9pm. And it brought to light a few too many truths for maybe some people's liking.

When it comes to love it seems we're pretty good at stretching the truth, especially the chaps. 58% of men have been dishonest on dating websites while only 42% of women admit to doing this. Meanwhile, 26% of us have ramped up our life skills in the hope of winning over the parents-in-law.

Unsurprisingly, it turned out that social media users are amongst Britain's most dishonest people. Over a quarter of us have lied on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to make ourselves seem more accomplished than we actually are.

But guess who doesn't need to lie on social media, to girlfriends, boyfriends or even to the in-laws? The forty extremely talented acts set to appear in World's Most Talented over the next five weeks, that's who.

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