Diary Entry #1: India

Each week David will be sharing his World's Most Talented travel stories. Join him as he struggles with sweat, gets worried often, and takes selfies in India.

Diary Entry #1: India

If skydiving were a country, it would be India. It's exciting, terrifying, loud, peaceful, odd, sensible, unpredictable, wild, and you will wish you had someone strapped to your back solely to make sure you don't get confused and panic.

The prospect of me rummaging around a country of 1.2 billion people was slightly daunting. I'm pleased to say however, the whole experience was incredible, the people were fantastic and the talent was outstanding.

First up were Mr and Mrs Budati. I knew that they were a stunt couple, but had no real idea of exactly what this meant. As I ventured deeper into the Indian jungle I pictured a husband and wife reminiscent of those cheesy magic acts you see in Las Vegas - all teeth and tans after she has just been 'sawn in half'.

I couldn't have been more wrong. They were very quiet and timid and it was all quite relaxing...until he picked up the machete. As you'll be able to see in the show, my face is not that of a man enjoying himself.

There were a lot of people there, we were losing light fast and off camera, and Mr Budati had unexpectedly smashed a halogen light strip over his wife's head to scare me - they both found it hilarious. I just wanted them to get on with it.

Got on with it they did. After a couple of false starts (due to some bad weather) he swung his machete and split the coconut delicately balanced on his wife's neck. Everyone was very happy but I felt rather queasy - the closest I had been to something that dangerous was when I chopped an onion without giving it my full attention (I was fine, don't worry).

I was feeling confident - Laura was in Romania and they don't do things like this out there....do they?

Next up I went to see Gagan Satish, a delightful little boy highly-skilled in the art of limbo-skating.

We chatted a bit then went down to the park where he practices his limbo skating. I was under the impression that he was an anomaly, a limbo skating prodigy. But no. There were hundred of kids there that could all do the same thing. I was pleased to find out that Gagan was BY FAR the best of the bunch and he wasted no time in proving it. WHAT a performance.

The thing that set Gagan apart from all the other acts in India is that there was very little showmanship on his part. Don't get me wrong, everyone around him was losing their minds cheering and getting excited but he was just happy to play with his friends and hang out between takes. There was something really nice about that. He is just a normal kid with this outrageous talent. I took a selfie with him and his friend to pass the time. Barring the hairy English bloke in the middle, I think this is cool a photo.

I would now like to take this opportunity to draw your attention to my sweat. I thought that up until this point in the programme I was doing quite well on the 'not looking like I had just got out of a shower' front. WELL NOT ANYMORE.

Standing on top of a mountain with bike yoga enthusiast Khivraj Gurjar I began to wonder if my body would ever return to normal temperatures. He had to start early (5:30 IN THE MORNING!) as it got too hot to perform as the day went on. He wasn't wrong.

As he was performing, I filmed everything on my tablet to send to the global panel and whilst doing so told the camera what I was thinking. If you look closely, or not that closely, you will see just how hot it was by looking at the state of my t-shirt. If you look even more closely, you will notice that despite wearing what is essentially a light grey, woollen onesie, Khivraj looks calm, composed and bone dry. To me, that was almost as impressive as the bike yoga.

Finally I ended up in a very posh hotel to meet a talented young lady named Jayalakshmi Sariknoda. I called her 'Jay' to make her feel comfortable in front of camera and also because I was entirely incapable of pronouncing her name.

What she does with a bow and arrow were very, very impressive.

When you watch the show, a little bit of behind-the-scenes information is that, as she was doing her thing, the heavens opened and biblical levels of rain came thundering down. We came very close to abandoning the shoot, which would have been terrible. However, one plus was that during that weather-enforced down time I got to eat a curry that blew the roof of my mouth off. So if I am talking a little differently towards the end of that segment, it's because I can't feel my face!

Was it all worth it? Did India beat Romania? The powers that be at Watch will not let me tell you on here, so you'll have to watch the show to find out, thus concluding my thinly-veiled attempt at getting you to watch the show. Tune in next week for more updates about the acts, the country and most importantly, my sweating situation.

Best, David