Diary Entry #3: Italy

He might be jet-lagged and groggy but David arrives in Italy for week three confident his World's Most Talented winning streak will continue. Which of his acts could take the title?

Diary Entry #3: Italy

After the glory of the Mexico win I was feeling confident and slightly hungover (more tequila was consumed after the cameras were packed away). That could not stop me though. I needed another country with tanned, pretty people; pretty people who could toss pizza or juggle balls. and I found just that in Italy.

As I walked out of the airport I may as well have fallen into a cover shoot for Vogue. There were cheekbones, loafers with no socks and impossibly stylish suit everywhere I looked. "I am going to like it here" I said to myself whist also feeling a little bit envious of how fresh everyone looked as I staggered, jet-lagged and groggy, to meet my first act.

The car pulled up to an industrial estate and I expectantly knocked on the door to meet Vittorio Brumotti, a bicycle freestyler.

Vittorio is a bit of a celebrity in Italy. He interviews people whilst riding his bike, as you do. He also jumps around on that bike as if it surgically attached to his legs. Imagine a monkey weaving through the jungle, but on a bike. That gives you a rough idea of what it's like.

He showed me how he trains in his purpose-built practice warehouse and then we jumped on a RIDICULOUS looking bike and headed down to the cliffs where he was going to perform.

Once there, he did something involving a bike, a cliff, a railing and a very big drop. You probably have an idea of what it was, but trust me - you should watch it. This is me with Vittorio and his Dad, who was remarkably calm considering what his son was doing right in front of him.

From the madness of the cliff top I ventured to the calmer waters of suburban Italian life. Next up was Selyna Bogino...with one of the maddest acts I saw.

From a family of circus performers that once performed on the same bill as Ken Dodd, Selyna was a quiet girl with a wonderful skill.

She juggled basketballs with her hands and feet. I am incapable of describing it here without confusing you so I won't, you'll just have to watch to see how mesmerising it was.

When the cameras stopped filming I tried to do it and a basketball hit me directly in the face. So that was the end of my short-lived basketball juggling career.

Here I am with the Bogino family (Selyna's on my left). They're a lovely bunch of people with some great stories to tell. Especially the ones about Ken Dodd.

After saying my goodbyes, I left the Bogino family and was kind of hungry. This turned out to be a good thing as my next act was ludicrous, incredible, weird, brilliant, odd, spellbinding and, most importantly, involved food.

I met Antonia and Vincenzo Scapicchio in Trani, a beautiful part of Italy that you should definitely visit if you ever get the chance. They are father and son. And they are both Pizza Freestylers.

'What the hell is a pizza freestyler!?' I hear you ask, not unreasonably. Well, it's kind of pizza aerobics. They take pizza dough and, well...perform with it. To give you an idea of how gleeful I found the whole thing, here is my face when I got a photo with them.

Something to bear in mind that you should see when you watch the show is that the younger of the two Scapicchios was working the crowd (and the camera) like A PRO. If Christina Aguilera were a pizza freestyler, she wouldn't come close to his level of sass.

There are several times in a man's life when he seriously questions his fitness. A very popular one is watching the film '300' then looking at where your six pack should be, sighing regretfully and vowing to hit the gym. Another one to add to the list is spending any time with Stefano Scarpa, the human flag.

The control he has over his body is quite spectacular. He is an athlete and acrobat that has dedicated himself to his art without compromise. While he was performing in the town square, I took this photo that will give you an idea of just what he is capable of.

My time in Italy was over. I'd found some great people with some great talents. Did my winning run continue, or did Italy fall foul to the charms and talents of Malaysia? As always, you'll have to watch to find out, Tuesday nights at 9pm on Watch.

In the mean time, you'll find me in the gym working off all that pasta.

Until next week!

Love, David