Diary Entry #5: Morocco

It's the final week, the score is tied at 2-2 and David hopes to clinch the series with Morocco...when he's not eating all the tajine or battling food poisoning that is.

Diary Entry #5: Morocco

It's 2-2 in the series. Laura started strong but I then powered ahead. Then she came back. Now I am worried. Which brings us nicely to this week's episode. The final. The decider.

This week sees me wandering around another incredibly hot country trying to find some world-beating talent. Morocco had some quality tucked away and I was going to do my best to find it - whilst at the same time eating every type of tajine you can imagine.

First up I went to meet a young girl that didn't really fit into the usual mould of 'teenage girl'. Well, she did in pretty much every respect except that in her spare time she tows cars with her hair. It's not as simple as I just made it sound, of course. Akram Salhi doesn't wander around tying random cars to her hair then prancing off down the street. You have to watch this one, as it was one of the acts I felt the most uncomfortable around - in both good and bad ways.

Once Akram had finished with her extreme hair straightening I went off to meet her uncle....Morocco is a big but strangely small place.

Aziz Salhi told me to meet him outside the town hall. There he would show us what he could do. He mentioned that he had asked the council to help out and 'make some room' for him. Make some room they did.

By the time Aziz was set up and ready to show me what he could do, there must have been 300 to 400 people watching. I say watching, it was more like the front row of an Iron Maiden concert. People were going CRAZY as he performed various feats of strength. I watched on mouth open wide, virtually speechless.

A side note about his act is that as the crowds were gathering, a man had wheeled his grandmother to the front to watch the great Aziz. I could swear that she was at least one hundred years old and had virtually no idea what was going on. She was either very happy or very angry - I couldn't quite tell. Would you take your elderly Grandmother to watch this man?

A little bit of behind the scenes info for you here is that immediately after we finished filming this segment, I came down with TERRIBLE food poisoning. I think they made a feature of it in the show, which I am over the moon about obviously. So yeah, tune in to watch me describe my sleepless night to Laura. I won't name names, but all I will say is this; don't eat Caesar Salad in Casablanca.

Once I'd recovered from the dodgy salad I went to meet the next act. On the other end of the scale in Morocco was scooter stuntman Hamza Dilali. He was a very quiet young man that simply liked jumping around on his moped doing some outrageous stunts.

I met his family and his grandma made some mouth-watering cakes that I was allowed to take with me, so if I seem a little jacked up on sugar - now you know why.

Unlike Aziz, when Hamza performed there were no crowds, no fanfare. Just him and some of his friends in an empty car park having a 'wheelie' good time (sorry). There was something I really liked about that - a talent perfected out of sheer enjoyment.

My final act in Morocco was found hanging out in the main market square in Marrakech. Mohamed Igouramane - better known as Simo Croc is a breakdancer extraordinaire. I'll be honest; I wasn't entirely sure how impressive this would be. After all, we've all seen breakdancers before right? Well, sort of.

He took over the market square (much to the annoyance of some market traders) and the crowds gathered. The control this guy has over his body was quite frankly unbelievable. As I was filming him I found myself unconsciously sucking my gut in - like that would mean I had 'abs' or whatever they are called.

I would go so far as to say he was more of an athlete than a dancer. He also made me look cool by association so he was good in my books.

So that was it. My Moroccan journey was over. The sun set on the huge square filled with wailing traders and meandering tourists. I sat and wondered if Laura was feeling confident. Did it matter? Sort of. It would be great to win the series, but to be totally honest with you I'd seen so many wonderful places and people that I felt like a winner regardless.

That was cheesy wasn't it? Just tune into the final episode and see if I beat that Laura Jackson character then rub it in her face.

Goodbye for now dear viewer - maybe see you again sometime.

Thanks for reading!

David. x