WMT on YouTube

With too many amazing stunts to fit into the TV show we've made a special World's Most Talented YouTube channel! Take a look!

WMT on YouTube

World's Most Talented has spilled out from Watch and onto YouTube. With so many amazing stunts and clips on offer we just couldn't fit them all into the show. Think of it like a 'special feature' option you'd find on a DVD.

We'll be updating our YouTube channel every week with brand new, exclusive, extra content from the show, so be sure to subscribe, watch, like, share and comment to your heart's content.

Not only will you be able to see even more stunts, tricks and talent from the amazing people Laura and David discovered on their travels around the world, but you'll see the brilliant reaction videos from our all-important vlogger judging panel.

Head over to WorldsMostTalentedTV now for a sneak peak at some of the stunts that'll be sure to get you in the mood for the show when it starts on Tuesday 31 March at 9pm.

Watch one of our favourite videos from the show below. Could you cosy up to a deadly snake and plant a kiss on him? This guy can.

Could You Kiss A Snake?