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Episode 5 - Beautiful Bicycle Ballet
Episode 5 - Beautiful Bicycle Ballet

Could you pirouette on a bike?

Dynamo Unlock
Dynamo Unlock

Be first to see the exclusive premiere of Dynamo: Magician Impossible, Series 3.

Dynamo Launch Party Stream
Dynamo Launch Party Stream

Watch Dynamo and his special music guests perform via our exclusive online stream.

Episode 2 Playlist
Magician Impossible 3: Episode 2 Playlist

Check out the music from Dynamo's trip to the White Isle of Ibiza.

Episode 3 Playlist
Magician Impossible 3: Episode 3 Playlist

Dynamo's trip to South Africa features music by Chase & Status, Alt J and Bob Marley.

Episode 4 Playlist
Magician Impossible 3: Episode 4 Playlist

The final episode features tracks from Jay-Z, Sigur Ros, New Order, Pink Floyd and more.

Alien Invasion
Watch The Happenings: Alien Invasion

See this extraordinary episode in full and on demand until 9pm on Monday 16th December.

The Watch Blog
The Watch Blog

The full story behind the Bristol Alien revealed....

Episode 1 Playlist
Magician Impossible 3: Episode 1 Playlist

Love the music from the new Dynamo series? Listen to the songs on our Spotify playlist.

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Stay in touch with all the latest news, reviews and general mass excitement!

Sir David Attenborough Q&A
Sir David Attenborough Q&A

Read our fantastic Twitter Q&A with Sir David Attenborough!

Celebrity Haunted Mansion: Lydia Bright interview
Lydia Bright interview

TV personality best known for her dramatic storylines with James ‘Arg’ Argent in TOWIE.

Celebrity Haunted Mansion: Jay Hutton interview
Jay Hutton interview

Jay rose to fame in the show Tattoo Fixers, where dodgy tats are made into masterpieces.

Celebrity Haunted Mansion: Alison Hammond interview
Alison Hammond interview

Alison landed the job of This Morning's showbiz reporter after appearing on Big Brother.

Celebrity Haunted Mansion: Simon Gregson interview
Simon Gregson interview

Simon is known for his portrayal of Steve McDonald in the soap opera Coronation Street.

Celebrity Haunted Mansion: Anthony Ogogo interview
Anthony Ogogo interview

Successful boxer Anthony has also fought off the competition on TV's Splash! and Strictly.