About World's Strictest Parents Australia

By taking teens out of their comfort zone and sending them away to live with super-strict families who value discipline, hard work and respect, you would hope they would see the error of their ways. But getting to that stage is often a bumpy ride.

World's Strictest Parents Australia

Meet the likes of 17-year-old raver Aza (a girl who has overdosed on ecstasy three times) and 17-year-old Troy, who's about to lose his driving license already. There's also image-obsessed Dillon and outspoken Hannah; as well as 16-year-old Chloe who likes nothing more than a fist fight and 17-year-old Christian, whose parents describe him as an anarchist.

Each of these teens are being shipped off to places like America, South Africa and Israel to spend a week with a new family in a desperate attempt to change their ways and to help a group of parents who have reached the end of their tethers.